Fighting together to combat the coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation affects our business operations, partners, customers, family members and relatives. This situation has tremendous impacts on our lives and actions, but we believe that we will get through this together. We want to bear our responsibility and tell you about our situation and preparedness.


Preparedness and actions

We have taken this situation seriously and we will do everything we can to keep each other as well as our customers, partners and stakeholders safe and do our part to ensure smooth everyday life in our operating environment.

We comply with the actions required by the Emergency Powers Act as well as the guidelines of the authorities. Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus, our coronavirus preparedness team continuously monitors the situation and provides situation-specific instructions for our employees in all our operating countries.



We have instructed our own personnel to work remotely, when possible, and carry out group meetings online. It is forbidden to travel abroad, and we have also adopted the 14-day quarantine rule concerning all employees returning from abroad. Sick employees and employees with flu-like symptoms must stay at home.


Customers and stakeholders

We aim to serve all our customers as normally as possible, within the limits set by the situation. Site visits are also temporarily prohibited. 

You can find all our services and contact details on our websites at . We will inform our customers of possible changes.


Construction sites, subcontractors, suppliers and partners

We have sent a letter to our subcontractors, suppliers and partners, in which we recommend that they follow corresponding actions to prevent the spread of the virus.

We have asked our partners to inform us of all impacts related to our operations and even the smallest doubts concerning employees falling ill, arrival in the country and material deliveries. We will monitor the situation and compliance with the rules at all sites.

Due to quarantine measures and/or access restrictions caused by the exceptional situation, working on a construction site may be disrupted or even prevented. Correspondingly, contractors as well as material or equipment suppliers may experience delivery issues as well as major delays in their deliveries and work performances. Regardless of possible future challenges, we will seek to minimise losses and delays in cooperation.



During these exceptional times, we trust you will act responsibly and follow the rules. We will get through this together by remaining strong and persevering!


Kari Kauniskangas
President and CEO of YIT Corporation


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